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SpermWash Medium

SpermWash Medium

SKU: Cat# 2003 / Cat# 2005 / Cat# 2005-5

SpermPrep® Media (SpermWash Medium) is a uniquely formulated diluent that provides excellent results during semen preparation (and is recommended for use with the SpermPrep® I and SpermPrep® II Filtration Columns, or with the Zavos Swim-Up Column) for sperm reconstitution prior to IUI and all your other assisted reproductive techniques. SpermPrep® Media can be used not only for SpermPrep® filtration and with the Zavos Swim-Up Column®, but also for all of your in-vitro sperm manipulation needs and for intra-uterine insemination purposes.


Quantities Available:

- Box of 12 x12mL bottles ( Cat# 2003)

- 100ml    (Cat# 2005)

- 500ml    (Cat#2005-5)

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