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SpermPrep Viscolytic System (VLS)

SpermPrep Viscolytic System (VLS)


Viscous specimens are extremely difficult to manipulate in-vitro and may not allow the proper separation and isolation either the appropriate numbers, quality of sperm or both, necessary to achieve the in-vitro results. It is because of these reasons that the SpermPrep™ Viscolytic System (VLS) is introduced in the market to enable the proper in-vitro manipulation of viscous semen. The VLS can assist you prior to the performance of routine semen analysis and also the proper extraction of spermatozoa prior to their use in the various forms of ART including intra-uterine insemination.

Semen is collected by masturbation or other method such as using a special condom at intercourse. Sample should liquefy within 15-30 minutes of collection. If not, then employ the SpermPrep™ VLS1 Add 2.0 ml of SpermPrep™ medium to VLS. Add the VLS to the semen, mix gently and allow the mixture to set for 30 minutes. Wash the treated semen twice and process the sperm for IUI or other forms of ART.


SpermPrep™ VLS1 8 pcs/pack    (Cat# VLS-8)

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