SpermPrep TYB Media : Refrigeration Medium- TYB w/ Gentamicin

SKU: 90129

Refrigeration Medium- TYB w/ Gentamicin 


Refrigeration Medium TYB with Gentamicin is ideal for short term sperm storage to preserve sperm for up to 4 days. With an easy one-step process of simply thawing the media and adding media at a 1:1 ratio with the sperm sample, it is quicker and easier than sperm cryopreservation. Refrigeration Medium TYB with Gentamicin contains TEST-yolk buffer as the protecting agent, and the glycerol-free formulation avoids the potentially damaging effects from penetrating cryoprotectants. This product has been CE marked and FDA-cleared for short term sperm storage.

• Contains
- 20% egg yolk - from USDA certified Specific Pathogen Free (Virus Free) laying flocks, heat inactivated at 56° C for 30 minutes
- 10µg/mL Gentamicin Sulfate
- Does not contain glycerol
• CE Mark


Quality Control Testing:
• Endotoxin by Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL)
• Sperm Motility Recovery Assay
• Sterility by the current USP, CFR or Ph. Eur. Sterility Test
• pH
• Osmolality



  •  20x5ml   (90129-20X5 mL)

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