Pre-Seed Lubricant (Multiple Quantities)

Pre-Seed Lubricant (Multiple Quantities)

SKU: Pre-S-10 / Pre-S-30

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant:

The first lubricant specifically designed for use at intercourse that has non spermicidal qualities. It is ‘sperm-friendly’ as it matches the qualities of the fertile cervical mucus, so it provides a helpful environment to facilitate conception. It is also an excellent lubricant for the male to use under the MFP since the MFP is a dry, non-lubricated condom. And because it is non-spermicidal, it DOES NOT negatively impact the specimen. In fact, it makes for a better-quality sample. It can enhance better possibilities for higher sexual stimulation with subsequent superior ejaculate production. The superiority will be reflected in higher ejaculate volume, higher sperm number and better-quality sperm. 


Quantities Available:

-Pack of 10: consists of 10 (4oz) individual packs   (Cat. Pre-S-10)

-Pack of 30: consists of 30 (4oz) individual packs    (Cat. Pre-S-30)